Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 137 - A Little Sick Guy

I am so glad today was a rest day!  I was sore from yesterday’s classes by lunch time.  But, it’s the kind of sore where you know you worked really hard, but it’s not so bad you never want to do it again.  Hopefully, by tomorrow evening, I’ll be ready to go again.
The challenge of the day was that Michael had to stay home sick from school.  He has a little cold and I didn’t want him to share it with the rest of his school.  He’s angling to stay home again tomorrow, too.  I guess we’ll see how he sleeps tonight and how he’s feeling in the morning.

The surprise of the day was just that he’s handling being sick so well.  He pretty much stayed under the covers and played quietly in his room most of the day.  Now, he was watching movies on Netflix and DVDs most of the time, so it wasn’t exactly educational.  But, he wasn’t whining and was actually fairly pleasant.  That’s more than I can say when I’m not feeling well.
But, tonight I am going to get to bed early so I can really be at my best tomorrow.  OK, I am just tired and want to go to sleep.  Have a great night!

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