Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 133 - Exerbeat and Yoga

Today was a really quiet day at work.  I was able to take a lunch break and play a wii exercise game for an hour.  Have you ever played exerbeat on the wii?  It was really fun.  I did a little cardio boxing, some aerobics, and some stretching.  The hour went by really quickly.  Probably not something I want to do every day, but it was a great change of pace.

After work, it was time to go to the gym for yoga.  I was surprised that the class was pretty empty tonight.  I’m guessing a lot of people went out of town for the weekend.  But, even though it was not really crowded, it was a great class.  I noticed tonight that I am able to do a lot of the poses a lot better.  I am able to hold down dog a little longer, and my flexibility is definitely improving.  It’s nice to see improvement after all the work I’ve put in!

The challenge of the day was saying no to the leftover stuffing.  But, I know how much Steve likes it, so it made it a bit easier to save it for him.  I did eat the leftover cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.  Yumm.  I will definitely be making the Brussels sprouts recipe again.

The surprise of the day was that Michael slept in a bit.  I was able to get the day started and have a cup of coffee before he came downstairs.  It was a nice, quiet way to start the morning.  I could definitely get used to having time for coffee before morning drama!

I have big hopes for the weekend.  We are going to try to move some things around in the house and put up Christmas decorations this weekend.  It is my favorite time of the year, and I love the decorations.  I just hope we get it all done!

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