Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 134 - Nineteen Week Results

Weekend!!  It feels like a really festive weekend.  For me, the weekend after Thanksgiving has always been the start of Christmas.  We were going to get out the decorations today and start getting the house ready for Christmas.  But, we had a couple major projects to finish first.  One of those projects was to paint the tiny extra bedroom that we use for the hyperbaric chamber and move some furniture around upstairs.  That is going to take the better part of the weekend.  But, once it’s done, it will make everything a lot easier.  And, it will make Michael’s room nicer.  He should like that!

Between Thanksgiving this week and some water retention issues, I was really worried to get on the scale this morning.  But, despite everything, I was still down a pound for a total of 42 pounds.  I am hoping that next week will be a better loss to make up for this week.  However, losing weight over Thanksgiving, I am happy!
I went to yoga this morning and had a really good class.  She did some hip opening poses that I was really surprised to be able to do.  I never thought I’d be able to do a pose called ‘pretzel’!  Later, when I was walking down the stairs, I noticed that it was much easier.  I really think to yoga class helped me today!  Then, while Steve and Dan were busy painting upstairs, I put in an hour on the exercise bike.  It was pretty low key, but a great way to finish up.

The challenge today was trying to keep my expectations reasonable – both on the scale and for what I hoped to accomplish this weekend.  I think I am doing OK with both.  Yes, I would have been happier to have a bigger loss this week, but realistically, any loss this week is wonderful.  And, we have an extra long Christmas season this year, taking two extra days to get the decorations put up is not that big of a deal.  If it means that the upstairs is better organized and Michael’s room is more ‘his’, that is a happy thing.
The surprise today was that Michael is getting much better at doing things for himself.  We decided to have a Michael independence day.  All day long we asked him to do things on his own that we normally do for him.  When he had questions, I walked him through step by step, but still let him do it on his own.  He was a little scared by the idea, but I think he was proud of himself, too.  He was hoping tomorrow would be ‘normal’, but I think we’re going to have him do more and more things himself and see just what he can do.

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