Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 230 - Bursting with Excitement!

Today was another great day.  I went back to the doctor and he saw some measurable improvement.  My pupil response is much better, and the same in both eyes.  That’s a great thing.  He was really happy when I told him that I wasn’t getting as cold after my workouts.  Overall, it seems like my adrenals are starting to function better. My reflexes are still really bad, but they will get there.  Hopefully, my thyroid will be next on the road to healing. 

After the doctor, I went straight to the gym for a personal training session.  It was fabulous!  Because the workout is different than what I am used to, I was really able to see things that I just hadn’t noticed before.  I can kick my leg a LOT higher than I thought I could.  Sitting on a stretch bench, I can stretch my hamstrings a lot further than I can when sitting (and my belly gets in the way.)  These are little things, but really make me realize that all my hard work really is paying off.  I might not see the gains I expect to see, but I am improving.
Even better was the fact that I was stronger than you would think just looking at me.  I was able to do three sets of squat rows, some lunge/chest press combinations, and even a kettle bell/squat exercise.  I love surprising myself by doing more than I think I can!  Even those painful looking ropes you see on TV?  I did those!  Just in four 15 second bursts, but I did them!  I am so proud of myself tonight.

But, the best part is that I really feel like I am ready to go to the Biggest Loser Resort this weekend.  My knee is feeling fine, even after the workout.  Mentally and physically, I feel strong.  I just have this feeling that I can do this, and I will do better than I hope.  Now, it might sound like I am putting unreasonable expectations on myself and this one week vacation.  That’s not it at all.  I feel like I am finally giving myself credit for all this work so far, and acknowledging that it’s working.  Have I mentioned, I feel amazing?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 229 - Worried about my knee

I’m a little bit worried tonight.  My knee has been acting up on me all week, and I really can’t afford to have knee problems next week.  So, for the rest of the week, I am going to be very, very careful with it.

That said, today I did a cardio max dvd that was really great.  Then, I went to yoga class tonight.  It was the yoga that did me in.  But, both were really fun, and I know I burned a ton of calories.  So, tomorrow I will be careful and hope to be back to pain free before I go. 

The best part of the day was realizing that I could do the whole DVD.  It was pretty hard, but I did it.  I had to modify a lot, but that’s OK.  Back when I first started, I would have pooped out in the first fifteen minutes.  So, I am really, really proud of myself tonight.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 228 - Resting, Recovering, and Looking Forward

I don't have a lot to say tonight.  I'm really sore from yesterday's workouts, and really tired from a long day at work.  I am going to keep this brief and then get to bed early tonight.

The best part of the day was a surprise.  I had put four biggest loser DVDs on reserve at the library, and was able to pick them all up tonight after work.  I didn't have the energy to do them tonight, but I will definitely be trying at least two of them out tomorrow.  The closer I get to my time at the resort, the more excited I get.  So, I am counting tomorrow as a preview!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 227 - My Cousin is Back!!!

Today was a great day.  My cousin was able to come to the gym tonight, and it was great to have her company for both classes tonight.  And, both classes were really, really good.  I am definitely going to feel it tomorrow though.
The interesting thing is this:  for as long as I can remember, I come home from the gym and I’m freezing.  To the point that I huddle under a blanket and wait for the sauna to heat up.  Tonight, I’m not cold.  I’m not warm, but I’m not cold.  I didn’t even think about getting out the blanket.  Steve thinks that this could mean that all the detox is working, and that my thyroid might be starting to work again.  I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but it’s definitely a good sign!

The best part of the day had to be when I saw Jeannie walk into the classroom tonight.  It’s just such a good feeling to work out with a good friend.  I’m glad she’s such a terrific Mom and is able to take her kids everywhere they need to go, but I’m selfish enough to really love when she can make it to the gym, too.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 226 - Week 32 Results

This week has been a bit of a disappointment.  I’m actually up a pound this week.  Still, I’m down 49 pounds overall.  I know I will get there, and I know that plateaus happen.  I just have never been good at being patient.  So, here is this week’s picture.


The cool thing is that I was able to take my disappointment on the scale and turn it into two hours on the elliptical.  I had to break it into three sessions, but I burned a total of 1692 calories.  That’s really amazing!  I have pushed myself on the elliptical before, but never for two hours.  In fact, that is the first time I have gotten two hours on the elliptical in one day.  I’m not sure if the extra effort will be enough to move the scale, but at least it’s making me feel like I’m doing something to force the issue.

The joy of the day today was just a simple trip to Whole Foods.  Michael likes to go to the one in Rockville because they have an elevator, and he’s totally obsessed with elevators.  So, we decided to go there this morning.  He was so excited.  But, he managed to keep himself together and have a really successful trip.  I was really proud of him.  And, we bought him a pair of his own yoga socks since he doesn’t like taking his socks off during class. This afternoon, he did a yoga video with his new socks.  He was all smiles, and did a great job.  I love watching him do yoga almost as much as I love doing it with him!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 225 - Mommy and Michael Yoga

Today was another great day!  I slept in, and totally forgot to do the weigh/picture thing, but I’ll do that tomorrow.  Michael and I went to his special needs yoga class, and we both did really well.  I love that he seems to be getting better each time we go.  Maybe he’ll turn into a little yogi just like his mom!

When we got back I tried a new DVD that I just got from amazon – the biggest loser Power Sculpt.  I didn’t have really high expectations, but I actually enjoyed it.  I really like that you can customize the workout for whatever you are feeling up for.  I went with the warm up, all three sculpting sessions, and the cool down.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was definitely a hard workout, but I was able to modify it so that I could do the whole thing.  This might just be a good option for making up one of my strength sessions.  I’ll try it a few more times and then make up my mind.
Other than that, it was a pretty good day.  It was great to sleep in this morning, and even better to go to yoga with Michael.  It’s so much fun having something that is just for us.  He has things that he does with Steve, and things with Dan, but not a whole lot that is just Michael and Mommy.  This is definitely a good thing, and makes me very, very happy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 224 - A Good Day!

I am definitely back on track.  I did an hour on the elliptical this afternoon, and then did my favorite yoga class.  It feels so good to have energy again, and to move.  I really hope that the days I missed because of the detox will be rewarded with good results.  I can’t wait to go back to the doctor next week and see what the blood tests say, and what my reflex test shows.  But no matter what, I feel like things are reaching a turning point.  I really hope to start seeing losses on the scale again soon!

The best part of the day today was seeing the calories add up on the elliptical.  It wasn’t as good as one workout last week, but I still burned over 800 calories in the hour.  Not too bad!  I’m still struggling trying to figure out my new routine, but I am getting more confident that I will figure it out, and it will be good!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 223 - Things Are Looking Up

I wanted to take today a little slowly since I’m still really tired from yesterday’s infusion. But, what I did do was a 45 minute personal training session that really worked me hard.  The entire workout (other than a cardio warm up) was done on the TRX system.  Because my knees are so weak, it felt great to be able to do full squats and not worry about them, at all!  I also did rows, push-ups and an ab exercise I don’t remember the name of.  Then, I finished with a single rope exercise.  Like the ones you see on TV, but just one rope.  It was scary, but wow did it get the heart rate up!  Overall, it was a great workout and  I will really be curious to see what hurts tomorrow!

The other interesting thing is that I am feeling better after working out.  Before the exercise, and most of the day, I was just exhausted.  I had no energy at all.  But, since I knew I had this session, I dragged my butt to the gym and really did give it 100%. I am so glad I did!    My muscles are tired, but I feel more alert than I have all day.  But, it is late and I have a busy day tomorrow.  So, I will go into the sauna soon and be ready for a full day tomorrow.
The joy of the day is definitely this feeling that I’m getting back on track.  The first infusion had me down for a few days.  Right now, I feel like I will be back to my normal routine tomorrow.  And from there, the sky is the limit!  I am in full scale training for the Biggest Loser Resort!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 222 - Another Infusion

I did another vitamin C infusion today.  I think I did really well, but it totally wiped me out.  I pretty much came home and collapsed into my chair.  Then I went into the hbot for a while.  My most ambitious thought for the rest of the night is to get into the sauna and then go to bed.  I know, decadent!

But, even though I was definitely not up to exercise today, I really do feel like I am listening to my doctor and making good progress in my overall health.  I go back to the doctor next week and he’ll tell me whether or not he can see any improvement.  I am really hoping he does!  If this all works, my thyroid should work better, my adrenals should be healthier, and I should start to lose weight easier.  I really hope he’s right!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 221 - Rest Day and Preparation

I’m still feeling the effects of the infusion from last Friday.  And, I’m going again tomorrow.  I really don’t know that I’m up for this.  But, the doctor wants to give me the best chance of success for my week at the Biggest Loser Resort.  So, that means doing everything I can to get ready.  I had thought that meant exercising extra to prepare.  He thinks it means doing detox treatments and thyroid tests to make sure my system can actually lose the weight.  I know he’s right, but wow – this detox is harder than the exercise.

But, if he is right, my body will actually start to use the thyroid hormone, I’ll have more energy, and I’ll finally be able to lose the weight like a ‘normal’ person.  It seems like a dream.  But, right now, it’s so hard.  I’m exhausted, my stomach is upset, and my face is breaking out like a teenager.  All of these are classic symptoms of detox, so at least I know the plan is working.  I just hope it keeps working.

So, even though I know I won’t be able to exercise much this week, I still took today to recover from yesterday, and to prepare for tomorrow.  I hate giving up my workouts, but I know that this is the best thing I can do to be ready.  I want my body to be healthy.  That’s what this is all about.

The best part of the day today was lying in the hyperbaric chamber and resting.  It felt so good to lie still and take some time to just recover.  It was a long day at work, and I really needed it.  Tomorrow is going to be another long day and I want to be ready.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 220 - Feels Like Home!

Tonight was back to my favorite two classes of the week.  It felt like home!  But, I am so sore and so tired.  I think only having the weight class once a week is really going to set me back.  I have to find a second class this week.  Or figure something out on my own.

But, the classes tonight were really, really good.  I am going to go soak in the sauna for a bit and then get to bed early.  I’m kind glad though.  It’s been a long time since I was so tired I couldn’t even write coherently.  I’m counting that as a good thing.
The surprise of the day was that Michael was in a great mood all day long.  I can’t remember the last time we had an entire fuss free day.  Would it be too greedy to hope for two in a row?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 219 - Getting back on track, slowly

The last few days have definitely been hard.  The infusion on Friday definitely set me back a few days.  I had a terrible headache most of the day yesterday, so I couldn’t even think about exercising.  Today, I was able to get my two hours in, but had to break it up.  And, my head is pounding again right now, so this is probably going to be short.

The sad thing is that the personal trainer the gym manager set me up with stood me up today.  We had rescheduled on Friday because he wasn’t feeling well, and I am thinking he was still a little fuzzy today, because he completely forgot about our rescheduled session.  I’ve never been stood up by a trainer before!  But, we rescheduled, again, for Thursday night.  That will solve my Thursday problem for the week.
So, while I was waiting at the gym, I did half an hour on the treadmill as warm up.  Once I realized we had to reschedule, I decided to come home and finish my exercise here.  I did thirty minutes on the elliptical but needed to stop and take a break before getting on the bike.  After a while, I was able to get back and do an hour on the bike.  I was proud of myself for getting everything in, even if I did break it up into three sessions.

Even though it’s been annoying to be feeling sick after the infusion, it makes me hopeful that it’s doing something.  The whole point is to remove toxins from my system and help me get this weight loss moving again.  What I didn’t realize going into this journey is that your body stores toxins in fat cells.  As you lose fat, those toxins are released into your body.  If you lose too fast, your body can plateau because you can’t handle releasing any more toxins into your system.  So, especially because it’s backed up with lab tests, I really believe this plateau I am on is due in large part to my toxic load.  I really hope this treatment will help me break through. 
I realize that I have gotten away from my joy of the day.  Today, I woke up with energy and feeling clear headed.  That was such a change from my normal foggy morning routine, it was definitely a great feeling.  Even though my headache came back, and I’m still not 100%, that feeling first waking up was definitely the high point of the day.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 217 - Setbacks and Looking Forward

It seems that every month or two along this journey, I need to take a break for a few days.  And, I appear to be at one of those breaks right now.  I missed exercise yesterday because of Valentines Day.  It wasn’t a big deal since I have always built a little leeway into Thursdays.  But then today I ended up doing something that is going to throw me off track for a few days, but for a very good cause.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to talk with him about my lack of progress this past month.  He believes that part of the reason I haven’t been losing much despite my best efforts has to do with toxins interfering with my thyroid function.  He backed this up with lab results and reflex tests.  So, immediately after the appointment, I ended up doing a five hour vitamin C IV.  It’s supposed to be a really good detox method and hopefully will remove some of the roadblocks to my progress.
Unfortunately, the IV really wiped me out.  There was no way at all I could exercise tonight.  I actually made it to the gym and was on the treadmill when I realized I had no business being there.  So, I came home and decided that I needed to respect what my body was telling me.  I am going to get to bed early tonight and sleep late tomorrow.  If I feel better, I will be back on track tomorrow.  If I need an extra day, I’ll take it.  If this works and I can get rid of any accumulated toxins, my body should start working better and this journey should be more fruitful.  If nothing else, I’ll be better prepared for my trip to the resort next month.

And, since they pumped me up with a ton of water as part of the IV, I am going to skip my weigh in tomorrow.  I will most likely push it off until Monday and give my body time to get rid of the extra liquid.  It just won’t help my mood to get on the scale and see a gain that I know is due to the IV. 
I know this post seems negative and like I’m giving a lot of excuses, but today I really think I made a big step forward for my health.  It isn’t going to be instant, but I really have hopes that I will start feeling better and start seeing bigger losses on the scale.  If not, it’s been a really, really long day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 215 - The start of a new routine?

Well, tonight I tried the BodyWorks class at LA Fitness.  Since Healthtrax cancelled the Wednesday night muscle challenge class, I needed to find another source for a weight training class.  I was really surprised to find that the only weights they used were 2.5, 5, and 7.5 pounds.  So, the class used light weights but a lot of reps.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow whether or not any of my muscles got a really good workout. 

But, I got an excellent workout on the elliptical this afternoon.  I don’t think I have ever pushed myself so hard on the machine, for so long.  By the end of the hour, I had burned off 825 calories!  I wasn’t consciously doing intervals, but I think that’s what I ended up doing.  I would go really hard until I needed a break, then take a rest at a slower pace, and then pick up again.  I really love how strong I am feeling these days!
Tomorrow is Thursday, and Valentines day, so I am not sure what is going to happen.  I might be happy to take the Thursday option, or I might get back on the elliptical again.  I guess it will depend on how well it goes at work tomorrow and whether or not Steve has any surprises for Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 214 - Rest and Reflection

Today was a rest day, and a thinking day.  Tomorrow is my first Wednesday without my two hour class combination.  I am still not sure what I am going to do.  LA Fitness does offer a class similar to the muscle challenge class that I love so much.  But, like everything new, it makes me nervous.  I don’t know the people there.  I don’t know the instructor.  I don’t know if I can handle the class.  But, like I keep seeing, the magic is outside your comfort zone.  So, I am going to drag my butt to the BodyWorks class tomorrow night. 

Of course, they don’t follow the class with a yoga class, like Healthrax does.  So, I have to come up with something else to do for my second hour of exercise tomorrow.  I am hoping that I will be able to do an hour on the elliptical at lunch time.  Then, it would definitely be a high calorie burn day.  So, even though I am still really sad that my favorite class was cancelled, I am looking forward to trying something new.  I can do this.

Tomorrow is also the first day of Lent.  So, I am going to give up my favorite diet soda, Zevia, for Lent.  It’s a healthy soda since it doesn’t have aspartame or splenda, but, it’s still not as good as water.  So, for the next forty days I’ll be soda free.  Again, I can do this.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 213 - Tired and Sleepless

This is going to be really brief.  I did my two hours of exercise today, with my favorite two classes.  And I’m completely exhausted.  I don’t know what it is about Sunday night/Monday morning, but I just can’t seem to sleep that one night of the week.  It really stinks because then it sets me back for the entire week.  I am going to try to change that by getting right in the sauna and then right to bed.  Wish me luck?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 212 - Burning 1,000 Calories

Today I paid attention to the calorie numbers on the machines as I exercised.  I burned over 700 calories on the elliptical in an hour and over 300 calories on the bike in an hour.  So, for the day, I burned more than 1000 calories.  That’s amazing!  So, I know that I have been burning a LOT of calories with all this exercise.  I just never paid attention to the numbers before.  And, it really reinforced the value of the elliptical over the bike.  I’m still going to do both, but will try to make the elliptical my go-to rather than the bike.

Otherwise, it’s been a fairly uneventful day.  We took Michael to his music class this afternoon, then came back and did chores around the house, and exercise.  Steve cooked most of the food for the week, so we are pretty much prepared.  I still have to hard boil some eggs to have on hand, but that’s fairly easy.  I have to say, planning ahead and having meals pre-prepared really does make a difference.  Each night, I just have to get some veggies cleaned/cooked and we have a healthy meal ready to go.
The best part of the day was definitely sleeping in this morning.  Michael has stopped waking me up first thing Sunday morning, and that is a wonderful thing.  I really appreciate my brother-in-law watching him for us, too!  Between Dan watching him and Michael not waking me up, I feel rested and relaxed today.  That never happens!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day211 - Thirty Week Results

I officially hit the 50 mark today – an official weight of 298! It’s taken me thirty weeks to get there, but it still feels good.  I am not sure if I can lose another 50 before the end of this year, but I am going to try my best.  And, even after the year mark, I will keep going until I reach my goal. 

Today was a pretty good day.  I took Michael to a yoga class this afternoon, then came home and did half an hour on the elliptical and half an hour on the bike.  I would have done more, but I was really tired today.  So, two hours seemed like enough.  Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be another three hour day.
The best part of the day was the yoga class.  I really appreciate that they have a class for kids on the spectrum that is still a real class.  Although I have to admit, I worked up more of a sweat than Michael did.  It is amazing to me how flexible he is.  And, I definitely want to encourage him to keep his flexibility.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 210 - Branching Out, Feeling Great

What a long, strange day it’s been!  I did manage to get in three hours of really intense exercise today, but in a rather disjointed way.  I did about 40 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical at lunch time, then did a personal training session for half an hour, and about half an hour on the treadmill.  Then, I followed it all up with an hour long yoga class. 

The funny thing is, all the exercise left me much more energized tonight than I’ve been in a while.  I really wish I knew where the line between being totally exhausted after working out and being slightly energized really was.  There doesn’t seem to be much consistency.  But, the days that I end up energized are really, really good.
The best part of the day was when I realized that I really am stronger than I think.  I was able to handle more on the treadmill than I expected, and I was able to do more exercises than I expected.  I think this journey really is helping me find out just how strong I am, mentally and physically.  I am so glad that I am pushing myself.  Even though the weight is coming off more slowly than I’d like, I am learning more about myself every day.  This journey is taking me in different directions than I had ever anticipated, but I am loving it!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 209 - Crazy Busy Day

Today was an extra long day.  It was an office day and then we had to go down to Michael’s school for a parent/teacher meeting, so I just didn’t have a chance to exercise.  But, I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  When I made my goals, I knew that Thursdays were going to be difficult and planned it in.  So, tomorrow I’ll try to get an extra hour of cardio in to make up for it.  I do love having a plan.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 208 - Another Grueling Day

Once again, I’m dead.  Done.  Finished.  I did my standard muscle challenge class followed by the yoga class.  The combination really whipped my butt.  It was bittersweet though.  They have cancelled the Wednesday muscle challenge class starting next week.  That will leave me with only one strength class a week.  I am not sure how I am going to adjust, but I will.  I have had such good success with my program, I hate to make any changes.  But, sometimes you don’t have a choice.  However, I did get 18 signatures on my petition to save the class.  It’s hard to imagine them cancelling a class with such good attendance!

The best part of the day was an email from Michael’s teacher.  She said he had a perfect day and was focused and engaged in all his academic work.  I had to re-read the email a few times just because it made me happy.  Now, I just have to figure out how to replicate it every day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 207 - Getting Ready, Buying Shoes

I took advantage of having the night off from exercise and ran some errands tonight.  I normally hate to shop, but figured I really needed to buy a pair of new exercise shoes before I leave for my trip to the Biggest Loser Resort.  Can you tell how excited I am about this?

The sad thing is, the lady at the shoe store said that MBT has gone out of business.  It was good for me in that the shoes were on sale.  But, it was so sad to think that I won’t be able to get more.  I never really bought into the whole toning/weight loss shoe thing, but I have always appreciated how good they are for my back and my knees.  Other than being stiff after exercise or from staying in bed too long, I haven’t had a major back problem since I started wearing the shoes.  Now that is saying something.  I will definitely miss them!
The biggest surprise of the day was that I am not as sore after yesterday’s workouts as I expected.  I am guessing it’s because I made sure to spend enough time in the sauna last night.  That’s about the only explanation I can come up with.  But, I will never complain about NOT being in pain.  At least as long as I know I worked my butt off! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 206 - Exhaustion is good, right?

I am completely, utterly exhausted.  I am trying to up my intensity to get ready for my trip, but I think I might have overdone it today.  I did one hour on the bike, one hour muscle challenge class, and one hour of yoga.  Three hours total of really intense exercise.  As soon as I’m done with this blog, I’m heading straight to the sauna.

I’m really proud of myself for being able to do so much today.  I didn’t start hurting until I stopped moving.  I guess there is probably a lesson to be learned there.  But, my body is too tired for my brain to work.
The surprise of the day was definitely my meeting with the manager of the health club.  He listened to my concerns, but didn’t really offer any immediate solutions.  I was happy that he did listen and didn’t blow me off.  That’s a good thing.  I am going to be meeting with a personal trainer on Friday to try to come up with a program I can do on my own two days a week.  If I can do that, it would be a really good thing.

Now, there is a sauna that is hot and waiting for me. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 205 - Under 300, Officially!

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and the game is underway, so this is going to be brief!  I did weigh in this morning at 299.5.  That is 48.5 pounds so far!  I’m frustrated that I don’t have an official 50 loss yet, but, I am under 300 for the first time in years.  That is definitely worth celebrating!

I have really been trying to step up the intensity of my workouts since I decided to go to the Biggest Loser Resort next month.  So, I did on hour on the elliptical this afternoon, and then another hour on the bike before dinner.  An hour on the elliptical is very, very intense!  But, hopefully, by the time I leave for my ‘vacation’, I will be in better condition.
It’s funny, I’ve been exercising consistently for more than 6 months now and I have lost almost fifty pounds.  It is hard for me to imagine stepping things up more, but that’s what I am trying to do.  I am using this trip as a reward for my hard work so far and as an incentive to keep going.  Plus, I am hoping that if I can get a big jump on the scale, it will really propel me to bigger and better losses.  Mostly, I just want to celebrate this journey and see how far I can take it.

The surprise of the day was that Michael let me sleep in this morning.  Usually, even if he knows that his Uncle is going to be watching him in the morning, he has to come in and say good morning.  Today, he got dressed and went downstairs without waking me up.  I really appreciated that!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 204 - Thank You National Aquarium!

I totally forgot to get on the scale this morning.  Michael has been talking all week about going back to the aquarium and seeing the parts that were closed when we went last month.  They have a wonderful program where they open early for kids with special needs the first weekend of the month.  So, we promised Michael we would take him today.  Of course, that meant that he was up with the sun, and so were we.  Getting on the scale was not part of his agenda, and I’ll have to do my weigh in tomorrow.

We had the entire aquarium to ourselves for half an hour.  It was truly amazing.  I felt like a VIP family just walking around and looking at everything.  There were no crowds, no lines, no chaos.  Michael was so happy.  He had his map out and made sure we saw everything.  It was such a different experience from when we had to carry out a crying, overwhelmed child who just couldn’t handle the crowds and the noise.
So, I am counting the two plus hours we spent walking around the aquarium as my exercise for the day.  By the time we got back to the car and I could sit down, I was exhausted.  Even though I’ve been exercising regularly for a while now, it’s just not the same as actually walking in the real world.  I am thinking that once spring gets here, I’m going to have to fix that.

The best part of the day was definitely seeing his face as he realized that he could wander around the exhibits and be completely at east.  He was reading the display information and making comments.  I could let him more than two feet away from me without worrying about him wandering off or getting lost.  I have never had that level of security at any outing with him.  Ever.  It was beyond amazing.  Thank you National Aquarium!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 203 - So Disappointed in Healthtrax

Today was an amazing exercise day.  I did an hour on the elliptical at lunch time and really, really pushed myself.  It was great to see that I could do it. Then, I went to my favorite yoga class and had a great time. I love feeling strong and capable.

The only bad thing for the day was that a friend of mine told me that Healthtrax is cancelling one of my very favorite classes – the Wednesday night muscle challenge class.  They are putting in a step class instead.  I have nothing against step, but I really feel strongly that you need to have weight training at least twice a week.  Three times would be better.  I can’t believe they did that.  I am so beyond upset.

But, there were good things today too.  Michael had a great day at school, and he is so excited to go back to the aquarium tomorrow.  I am really skeptical that we wants to do more than ride the elevator in the parking garage and the escalators at the aquarium.  But, it’s almost impossible to say no to him when he’s so excited about something.  So, we are going tomorrow and I am hoping for a great day.