Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 223 - Things Are Looking Up

I wanted to take today a little slowly since I’m still really tired from yesterday’s infusion. But, what I did do was a 45 minute personal training session that really worked me hard.  The entire workout (other than a cardio warm up) was done on the TRX system.  Because my knees are so weak, it felt great to be able to do full squats and not worry about them, at all!  I also did rows, push-ups and an ab exercise I don’t remember the name of.  Then, I finished with a single rope exercise.  Like the ones you see on TV, but just one rope.  It was scary, but wow did it get the heart rate up!  Overall, it was a great workout and  I will really be curious to see what hurts tomorrow!

The other interesting thing is that I am feeling better after working out.  Before the exercise, and most of the day, I was just exhausted.  I had no energy at all.  But, since I knew I had this session, I dragged my butt to the gym and really did give it 100%. I am so glad I did!    My muscles are tired, but I feel more alert than I have all day.  But, it is late and I have a busy day tomorrow.  So, I will go into the sauna soon and be ready for a full day tomorrow.
The joy of the day is definitely this feeling that I’m getting back on track.  The first infusion had me down for a few days.  Right now, I feel like I will be back to my normal routine tomorrow.  And from there, the sky is the limit!  I am in full scale training for the Biggest Loser Resort!!!!!!

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