Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 222 - Another Infusion

I did another vitamin C infusion today.  I think I did really well, but it totally wiped me out.  I pretty much came home and collapsed into my chair.  Then I went into the hbot for a while.  My most ambitious thought for the rest of the night is to get into the sauna and then go to bed.  I know, decadent!

But, even though I was definitely not up to exercise today, I really do feel like I am listening to my doctor and making good progress in my overall health.  I go back to the doctor next week and he’ll tell me whether or not he can see any improvement.  I am really hoping he does!  If this all works, my thyroid should work better, my adrenals should be healthier, and I should start to lose weight easier.  I really hope he’s right!

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