Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 217 - Setbacks and Looking Forward

It seems that every month or two along this journey, I need to take a break for a few days.  And, I appear to be at one of those breaks right now.  I missed exercise yesterday because of Valentines Day.  It wasn’t a big deal since I have always built a little leeway into Thursdays.  But then today I ended up doing something that is going to throw me off track for a few days, but for a very good cause.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to talk with him about my lack of progress this past month.  He believes that part of the reason I haven’t been losing much despite my best efforts has to do with toxins interfering with my thyroid function.  He backed this up with lab results and reflex tests.  So, immediately after the appointment, I ended up doing a five hour vitamin C IV.  It’s supposed to be a really good detox method and hopefully will remove some of the roadblocks to my progress.
Unfortunately, the IV really wiped me out.  There was no way at all I could exercise tonight.  I actually made it to the gym and was on the treadmill when I realized I had no business being there.  So, I came home and decided that I needed to respect what my body was telling me.  I am going to get to bed early tonight and sleep late tomorrow.  If I feel better, I will be back on track tomorrow.  If I need an extra day, I’ll take it.  If this works and I can get rid of any accumulated toxins, my body should start working better and this journey should be more fruitful.  If nothing else, I’ll be better prepared for my trip to the resort next month.

And, since they pumped me up with a ton of water as part of the IV, I am going to skip my weigh in tomorrow.  I will most likely push it off until Monday and give my body time to get rid of the extra liquid.  It just won’t help my mood to get on the scale and see a gain that I know is due to the IV. 
I know this post seems negative and like I’m giving a lot of excuses, but today I really think I made a big step forward for my health.  It isn’t going to be instant, but I really have hopes that I will start feeling better and start seeing bigger losses on the scale.  If not, it’s been a really, really long day.

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