Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 212 - Burning 1,000 Calories

Today I paid attention to the calorie numbers on the machines as I exercised.  I burned over 700 calories on the elliptical in an hour and over 300 calories on the bike in an hour.  So, for the day, I burned more than 1000 calories.  That’s amazing!  So, I know that I have been burning a LOT of calories with all this exercise.  I just never paid attention to the numbers before.  And, it really reinforced the value of the elliptical over the bike.  I’m still going to do both, but will try to make the elliptical my go-to rather than the bike.

Otherwise, it’s been a fairly uneventful day.  We took Michael to his music class this afternoon, then came back and did chores around the house, and exercise.  Steve cooked most of the food for the week, so we are pretty much prepared.  I still have to hard boil some eggs to have on hand, but that’s fairly easy.  I have to say, planning ahead and having meals pre-prepared really does make a difference.  Each night, I just have to get some veggies cleaned/cooked and we have a healthy meal ready to go.
The best part of the day was definitely sleeping in this morning.  Michael has stopped waking me up first thing Sunday morning, and that is a wonderful thing.  I really appreciate my brother-in-law watching him for us, too!  Between Dan watching him and Michael not waking me up, I feel rested and relaxed today.  That never happens!

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