Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 191 - Busy, Great Day

This is going to be really short, since I’m completely exhausted.  Steve wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I spent most of the morning walking around the hotel trying to keep Michael busy.  Then, we went to the TACA lecture.  Then, we drove to Baltimore for the Aquarium Night.  Then, we finally came home.

There were so many good things today, it’s hard to narrow down just one.  Although I am guessing that it has to be this year’s aquarium trip.  When I think back to last year and compare, this year was so much better.  Michael paid attention to the exhibits this time, looked, and answered questions.  He even pointed out a few things he thought were cool.  He was still way too obsessed with the elevators, but he actually had a good time.  Even though it was bit rushed, it was definitely the highlight of the day.
The TACA lecture was great, too.  It was great to see Melody and Dr. Dornfeld again.  And, it really reinforced what we need to do as our next steps.  I’m not too excited about the logistics, but we’ll figure something out.

As for exercise, I didn’t count it, but I walked a LOT today.  More than I have in a long time.  In fact, I think my leg is going to be really hurting tomorrow.  But, it was worth it.  And now, there is a bed in my immediate future.  Have a great night!


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