Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 187 - Great Workouts, but Tiring!

Today was a pretty long day.  Work was so busy that I didn’t even think about lunch until 2:00.  That NEVER happens.  The day just flew by, and before I knew it, it was time to go to the gym.  It’s great when the day goes quickly, but I could really do without the stress!

The muscle challenge class was amazing tonight. It was so hard, but so good at the same time.  I don’t know how she constantly thinks up new ways to work different muscles.  I’ve been attending these classes for almost 6 months now, and there are still new things every week.  It’s beyond my comprehension.  But, I am definitely going to feel tonight’s workout for the next couple days.  My thighs are sore just sitting here.  I can’t imagine how they will feel when I try to move.
The only bad thing is that my yoga workout was definitely impacted by my exhaustion level.  I actually considered skipping yoga tonight I was so tired after the first class.  But, my stubborn streak kicked in and I stuck it out.  There were a few times when I chose to rest instead of doing the more complicated flows, but that’s OK.  Overall, I still got a good workout.  And now, I feel like a limp, sore noodle.

The surprise of the day was that Michael got himself up this morning, got dressed, and brushed his teeth all on his own.  He normally is tired in the mornings and needs a lot of prompts to move through his routine.  It was so nice to have a relaxed, easy morning!

Tomorrow is Michael’s IEP meeting and I am really nervous.  I love his current placement, and I don’t think anything contentious is expected.  But, it’s an IEP meeting, so I’m nervous by default.  Please cross your fingers for us tomorrow?

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