Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 189 - Busy, but Nice Day

Today was a pretty busy, up and down kind of day.  I managed to get everything in, plus a full, busy day at work.  Not bad for a Friday!  At lunch time I rode the bike for an hour, and then, after work, I went to my favorite yoga class.  It made for a great day.  The best thing about the bike is that if you are really cold, you warm up quickly.  I hate that I’m still having such extreme problems regulating my temperature, but it’s nice to be able to warm up quickly.  I’ll be going in the sauna before bed, so I should be nice and toasty for the night.

The joy of the day was spending time with Michael in the hyperbaric chamber tonight.  It was a quiet session, but nice.  It’s nice that he’s able to entertain himself for the hour plus that we are in the chamber.  When we first started, he needed to be entertained a lot of the time.  Now, he just plays with his tablet, or a handheld toy, or a book.  I like that he’s getting to be very self-sufficient.

But, now he needs company and it’s past his bedtime, so I will check in again tomorrow.  Good night!

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