Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 186 - Long, hard day

Today was a long, exhausting, trying day.  I got up early for work and it was just not a good day.  A project of mine was supposed to go live tomorrow, and now that is being pushed back a week.  I feel like it’s my fault, even though there are things way out of my control.  It’s only a week.  The project is still OK, but I just need to keep things moving forward.  Funny how real life and this journey tend to run in parallel sometimes.

When I got home tonight the last thing I wanted to do was exercise.  The little voice in my head was saying that it was supposed to be a rest day.  I didn’t HAVE to exercise.  But, since I only got one hour yesterday, I really WANTED to do an hour today to make up for it.  And, I needed to get out of my head.  So, riding the bike for an hour was just what I needed.  And, it worked.  By the time I got off the bike, I was out of my mood and ready to be with my family.  That worked out well!
What was the surprise of the day?  Honestly, I think it was just that I was so proud of myself for pushing and getting on that bike.  I really, really didn’t want to.  But, I needed to prove something to myself, so it became important.  And, I did it.  So, I am just really thankful for that last bit of motivation.  It was still a hard day, but a tiny bit better.


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