Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 261 - Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!  I slept so well last night, and Michael slept in until 9 this morning.  It was truly amazing.  Of course, since we had to check out this morning, sleeping in meant the morning was a little rushed.  But that’s OK.  It all worked out really well. 

While Michael and Steve spent some time in the pool, I went back to the hotel gym and used their stepper/elliptical machine.  I wanted to try something different, and this definitely fit the bill!  Because we were in a little bit of a hurry, I ended up only doing 30 minutes, but they were pretty intense.

After we got home, we spent some time doing Easter things.  Michael loved hunting for eggs, and playing with a few new toys.  We don’t do holiday candy, so that worked out really well.  And, just seeing him so happy was definitely the high point of the day.

I did notice a couple really good milestones today, though.  I took Michael into the HBOT for 90 minutes.  Normally, I would have to lie on one side for the entire time.  Today, I was actually able to sit up and rest against the end of the chamber with a pillow.  That was so much more comfortable.  And, I also noticed, that I am having a much easier time getting out of the chamber.  Before, it was always a struggle to get my feet underneath me.  The last few times, I have been able to swing my leg forward and just stand up.  Little victories make a big difference in everyday life!

After things calmed down, I did a short yoga video.  It was a beginner DVD geared more toward stretching, but it was definitely what I needed today.  I loved that it really used the strap, and let me get into poses I would never be able to do otherwise.  For example, using the strap around my feet let me hold the boat pose a lot longer than I would ever be able to do 100% on my own.  Very nice!

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