Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 249 - Rest Day with Crazy Ideas

Today was a rest day, which was nice.  But, I did start back in the hyperbaric chamber with Michael, and I’m heading up to the sauna now.  So, even though I didn’t exercise, I’m still taking good care of myself, and Michael too.

Some friends from the resort are thinking about running in a 5K at the end of June.  I know it’s crazy, but I am thinking of signing up.  It’s in Buffalo, so I wouldn’t be able to bring Michael, and it would definitely be a trip.  But, it would be nice to see everyone again, and just keep myself moving forward on this journey.  The worst that would happen is that I would walk it.  There is no question that I could walk it.  Now, I just need to be able to jog it.  What do you think – crazy or fun?

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