Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 246 - Unstructured Exercise is FUN

Well, it’s my normal weigh in day and I figured it was time to see if going to the resort really did break my plateau.  I decided the answer is yes.  I am down to 296, which is a total of 52 pounds down.  I have also decided that I am focusing way too much on the numbers, and not enough on how I feel, how my clothes feel, and other more ‘real’ measurements of success.  So, to avoid the paranoia that comes with focusing on the numbers, I’ve decided that going forward, I’m only going to report my weight on picture days.  That way, I will have two weeks between reports, and that should save me the anxiety of daily fluctuations. 

That decision made, this has been a really fun day.  A friend from the resort who lives near me gave me a ride and we went to cheer on a fellow resort friend, and one of the trainers who were running in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in DC today.  Another TACA friend of mine was also running, but I couldn’t find her.  L  It was amazing to see all the people who ran in the races, and to see how good my friends felt when they finished.  Betty challenged me to do the same race next year.  I will definitely think about that.  I’m not sure if my knees will be up for it, but I can definitely use it as a goal.

After the race we went walking around a little bit in DC and had lunch at a wonderful place called Chop’T.  They have fantastic, organic salads.  I absolutely love the concept of the restaurant, and the food was delicious.  They have a location closer to me in Bethesda, and I will definitely be going there.  Between all the standing/pacing waiting for my friends to finish, and then walking around in DC, and then walking around running errands this afternoon, I am declaring it a great exercise day.  It wasn’t anything structured, but my legs sure feel like they got a workout.  And, since I have a training session tomorrow at the gym, I’m not worried about today.

Today, I am just grateful for making new friends and having new experiences.  I have never had a reason to be anywhere near a marathon before.  It was truly amazing.  And, as insane as it sounds, I’d really like to try one.. one day.

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