Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 247 - Lemons and Lemonade

Today was a day to make lemons into lemonade.  I had scheduled time with a personal trainer for this afternoon.  As I was getting ready to walk out the door for the gym, he called and cancelled.  He had a good reason, but I was still really disappointed.  So, I figured I would take Michael on a quick errand and then I would do my workouts on my own. 

Michael loves elevators, and I had mentioned that I wanted to stop at the library on the way back from the gym to drop off a book and pick up a new one.  He was disappointed he couldn’t go with me, because he knows there are elevators at the library.  Once my session was cancelled, I decided to take Michael to the library and give him a special treat.  He was so happy, and I felt a little less guilty for leaving him for a week.
When we got home, I did an hour hard on the elliptical.  I incorporated some intervals like we did at the resort, and I think I got a better workout because of it.  I kept hearing Betty’s voice in my ear saying ‘A minute is nothing.  You can do anything for a minute.  No big deal!’  And, she is right.  I did it, and I felt great.  After dinner, I did another hour on the bike.  I set the resistance a little higher and pushed myself for the hour.  It feels really good to know that I can push myself during my workouts and it really is no big deal.

Today I am grateful for that voice in my ear.  I know I can do this on my own, but it is so nice to remember back to all the things I learned at the resort and just replay that in my mind.  I am stronger than I ever realized, and I am going to finish this journey that I’ve started.  No matter what.


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