Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 98 - I love Friday!!!!

Yeah for Friday!!  It was a hectic day since Michael was home from school, I had meetings in Columbia, and I got a zillion emails today that all needed something.  But, it’s done.  I love finishing the week with the Friday night yoga class.  And, my cousin is back from her trip, so she joined me for the class.  It always makes it better when you have a friend in the class!

Before I left for the gym, I did half an hour on the bike.  Then, I went to yoga class for an hour.  When I got home, I was starving.  Steve made me a wonderful stuffed portabella mushroom for dinner.  Yummmm!  After that, I did another half hour on the bike, and I’m done for the day. 
Today’s challenge was just getting through all the work emergencies and keeping a positive attitude.  There were so many times I wanted to snap at someone, but that didn’t happen, thankfully.  I am hoping things come together better next week, and it’s a little easier at work.

The surprise of the day was definitely that Jeannie was able to come to yoga.  She just got back yesterday and I really thought she’d be jet-lagged.  But, she’s better than the energizer bunny and I had my workout buddy back.  It was so great to have her company again!

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