Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 106 - Fifteen Week Results

Today was a much better day.  Steve and I had to wake up early to go to a TACA presentation by Dr. Usman.  As much as I hate waking up early on a Saturday, the presentation was wonderful.  No matter how many times I hear a speaker, I always learn something new.  And Dr. Usman is one of my favorites.

We had a bunch of errands to run after the presentation, so it was after four by the time we got home. I quickly did one hour on the bike and then did a few things around the house.  After dinner, I did a second hour on the bike.  Nothing special, but I got all my cardio in.  Yeah me!
The challenge today was not being upset when I got on the scale.  I only lost one pound this week.  It was definitely disappointing since I’ve been working so hard.  But, I do know that my weight goes up and down daily, and it will head back down again soon.

The surprise of the day was just how nice it was to spend some time with Steve going to the presentation and running around after.  Even though it’s very mundane, sometimes it’s nice to just have time to be alone.  Ever since I started this journey, it seems like all I do is work, exercise, and do chores.  I do miss having more down time with Steve, but was happy to sneak some it today.

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