Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 41 - Home is Where the Magsoothium Is

Today was supposed to be a fun day.  To celebrate the fact that I have stuck with this for almost six weeks, we bought a new toy, an exercise bike.  I was going to take it easy and just try it out.  But, it didn’t quite happen that way. 

I don’t know if you read yesterday’s post or not, but in the muscle challenge class, I was doing shoulder presses with ten pound weights and bicep curls with fifteen.  That’s pretty hefty for me.  So, as the day wore on, my arms were aching more and more. 
Before I got on the bike, I wanted to get in a 4 mile walking video.  I knew that my legs were going to be tired from the bike, and I wanted to make sure that I got in both hours of exercise today.  To be honest, it felt great to do the DVD.  I hadn’t done it in almost a week, and it felt new again.  I loved that my legs felt energetic and I was really enjoying the movement.  Then, I got on the bike.

I was really excited that the bike came with a heart rate monitor and a program to keep your heart rate at a set number.  I thought I was being gentle by setting it for 125, not fully comprehending that that was 70%.  Yes, I should have known better. It was probably not realistic to expect the bike to keep me at 70% for an hour, even though my DVDs probably keep it higher.  So, at one point, it had me at level 12 for about ten minutes.  By the time I got to 45 minutes, I called uncle and did the last 15 minutes in manual mode.  Still, when I got off the bike, my legs barely worked.  I have a feeling I am going to be feeling this tomorrow.
Between my arms aching from yesterday and my legs aching from today, I have a feeling I will be taking a bath in magnesium spray before bed tonight. Is it really sad that I’m starting to like the subtle aches and pains that mean I’ve really been working? (The more persistent agony of certain muscles, not so much!) The cool thing is that the spray really does work, and eliminates most of the pain, fairly quickly. Of course, if I didn’t have Steve to pamper me through it all (and spray on the magnesium), this entire journey would be totally impossible. But, one more day down, and a new toy survived!

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