Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 36 - Back to Basics!

Today was a weigh in day, and yet another disappointment.  I stayed exactly the same as last week.  But, given the fact that I had two extra rest days this week, plus the sedation, I’m not overly surprised.  So, this week is really going to be back to basics – strict adherence to my diet and 2 hours of exercise, the more intense and sweaty the better!

This morning started out great.  I went to the gym and started the day off with a 30 minute stretching class.  I know the intent is for it to be a low key class, but for me, it was definitely sweaty and intense.  Then, as soon as it was over, the intervals class started.  Now that was beyond intense!  The entire hour was alternating between heavy (but low impact) cardio and strength training.  Even though it was definitely hard, I really enjoyed the class.  I like using the weights, and was happy that I was able to use five and ten pound weights today.
After the gym, I had to call my orthodontist.  One thing I wasn’t expecting was that the dental work this week affected my tooth shape and now my retainer doesn’t fit properly.  I’m really disappointed because the dentist promised that she would make sure that this didn’t happen.  Even through the sedation, I remember trying on the retainer and telling them that it didn’t fit right.  They sent me home anyway. 

I spoke with the orthodontist over the phone since they were closed for the weekend.  I am now out of town for a couple days, and then he is going to be out of town.  I explained to him what happened and we came up with a plan.  So, tonight Steve is going to cut off the non-fitting part of the retainer so I can use it partially at least.  Then, when I get back, I’ll go in for a new mouth mold (yuck!) and a new retainer.  I am really not happy about this!
After the dentist, I went home and it was time to pack for the trip and get in the car.  Three and a half hours later, we were at my parents’ house and Michael was extremely happy.  After we said our hellos and settled in, Michael, my Dad, and I went for a walk.  It was nice to actually walk outside for a change.  Although, a couple of the hills were steep!  But, it was a great way to stretch my legs after the long car ride.  And Michael loved walking with his GrandPop.

After all that, I’m really exhausted.  Of course, I say that every night.  I have noticed a couple things pretty consistently since I started this program – I sleep really, really well, and my lungs are constantly sore.  I am guessing this is a good thing.  And, even on vacation, I am doing this!

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