Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 37 - Outside my Comfort Zone

My first full day away from home and I managed to get two hours of exercise in.  I am so proud of myself!  I woke up with a splitting headache, so I was really uncertain how the day would go.  But, the headache got better and I got on with the day!
It takes exactly 15 minutes for me to walk to or from my parents’ house to the clubhouse.  So, I walked to the clubhouse, rode the exercise bike for half an hour, and then walked back.  Half of the exercise was done before noon.  Not bad!

Michael was excited to go to the pool, so after lunch we went to the pool.  Michael practiced his swimming and I did water aerobics in the pool.  It was a little crowded, so I couldn’t move around as much as I’d like, but I definitely managed to get a workout in.  It was really nice to know that I could be away from my comfortable routine and still exercise.
I am thinking that this whole journey is about getting outside my comfort zone and learning exactly what I am capable of.  There was a picture going around the autism community a few months that pretty much said that the area outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.  I’m guessing that applies to a lot more than autism.  And, I am going to find out!

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