Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 290 - Complete Exhaustion (It Must Be Monday)

I think spending so long standing yesterday really took it's toll on my legs and back.  Then, I sat in a training class for most of the day.  Did I mention the air conditioning wasn't working and it was 85 degrees in the room? 

By the time I got home from class and changed for the gym, I was already tired.  Then, class tonight seemed extra intense.  For the cardio part of class, she had us doing a lot of step stuff.  I actually used two risers again.  I was sweating buckets all through both classes.  I know I got a fantastic double workout.  But now, I just want to catch up on email and get to bed.  I'm sorry if this is a pretty boring post, but it's at least coherent.  Today, that counts!

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