Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 286 - Being Good to Myself

Tonight, instead of working out, I went and got a much needed massage.  It felt so good to relax and be pampered a little bit.  Plus, my muscles were so sore.  As I get better at doing the down dog in yoga, I really feel it in my shoulders.  All along the top of my back just aches.  It was painful for her to massage the area, but once she worked out all the tension, I felt so much better!  It's a shame that I'll mess it all up tomorrow night at yoga!

The best part of the day had to be this morning, bright and early.  Michael came in around 6:15, bright eyed and full of energy.  I was due a little more sleep and was not overly perky, to say the least.  Steve, being the wonderful husband and father that he is, slipped out of bed and let me sleep.  By the time I got downstairs a little before 7, Michael was dressed, ready for school, and eating his breakfast.  Now that is what I call husband of the year!  Thank you, sweetie!  I love you!!

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