Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 275 - Round and Round

Today was one of the days that Michael goes to KEEN music.  It's only once a month, so he really looks forwrd to it.  I guess he was excited to go today, because we got there about twenty minutes early.  Steve said he thought there was a track we could walk around.  I was a little skeptical because I never heard of a middle school having a track.  What did I know?  There was a track after all, and Steve gets points for being right, and being gracious about it.

I was curious how much running Michael could do, so I asked him to run around the track twice.  His arms don't move fluidly, so his gait is off, but he ran half a mile.  He was definitely slowing down toward the end, but it was great to see him just casually do it.  Anyone local know of any special needs running groups?  I would love to see him run more.  It would be so good for him, and I would love to see him enjoy a sport.

After Michael ran his laps, Steve took him in for his music session and I kept going around the track.  Then, Steve came back and walked with me.  We ended up walking for a little over an hour at the track, and closer to an hour twenty in total.  It was nice.  Steve and I don't get the chance to just walk and talk with no distractions very often.  I never thought of exercise and a date in the same sentence.  But, it did work out really nicely.

Next weekend, there is a glo run not that far from here.  It looks like a lot of fun, and, it has the bonus of not having to get up ungodly early for the event!  Normally, Steve and I go out to dinner for my birthday, but maybe this year, we'll do a walk together instead.  It's a week early, but it will still count.  I really do love the idea of getting more active as a family.  Of course, if anyone else would like to come with us, we'd love to have the company!

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