Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I was so proud of myself.  I held a full plank for 90 seconds this afternoon.  Then, I went to yoga class.  And, I parked all the way at the far end of the parking lot.  I thought I was doing pretty well.  Then, I got a text message from my trainer.  Apparently, yoga doesn't count as cardio.  So, tomorrow I'll be doing cardio.  And the DVD I was planning on doing.  It might kill me.  Then again, I really need to see some movement on the scale!

For gratitude, I am really thankful that she cares enough to check in, and make sure I am following my program.  And making suggestions to make it better.  So, even though it means more work, I really am grateful.

Food:  Perfect
Exercise:  Yoga and the plank
Gratitude:  Friends and trainers who care about me and my program.

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