Monday, July 22, 2013

What a crazy up and down day

Today started out pretty good.  Michael had a better morning, and got off to school OK.  But then I had a denist appointment.  My crown had a hole in it and needed to be replaced.  I didn't expect him to get out the drill and cut it out!  It seemed like he was drilling for hours.  Then, he had to 'shape' what was left of the tooth underneath.  Again, it seemed like hours.  By he time I got to leave the dentist's office I was completely traumatized.  Driving away, I told myself I could skip my workouts tonight and just feel sorry for myself.

But, I knew that was a lie.  I went to both my classes tonight, and actually did really well.  I was more tired than I realized, but I still got in two great workouts.  I have a feeling I will definitely be feeling my arms and legs tomorrow.

Today I am grateful that I was actually able to get to my classes.  Steve is out of town for a couple days, but Dan stepped up and made sure I could get out to the gym.  I really appreciated that.  Sometimes it really is great having three adults in the house!

The only bad thing is when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was up a pound.  I'm not letting it stress me out though.  I have been having some water retention issues, and I know that's all it is. Next week's number will be better.

Weight:  297.5
Food:  On Track
Exercise:  1 Hour Muscle Challenge, 1 Hour Yoga
Gratitude:  Getting to the Gym

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