Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nice, Quiet Day

Today ended up being a fairly quiet day.  With the snow forecast, my boss sent an early email saying I could work from home if I wanted.  I really appreciated that!  And, with so many others being snowed under, it was a fairly quiet day at work.

At lunch time I figured I would move my rest day to Thursday and get some good exercise in.  I started off with 75 minutes of walk it out.  I managed to go 4.4 miles and over 15,000 steps.  And, I had a lot of fun.

Then, I got a text from my trainer with today's exercises:  planks, ball squats, ball pullovers, dips, and calf raises - 2 sets of each.  I did the exercises and threw in two sets of push ups.  I don't know why, but I always seem to add one extra exercise to round things out.  Maybe I really am nuts?

The good thing about it all is that I'm starting to really clarify what my goals are right now. Ever since the trip to the Biggest Loser Resort last year, I'd been dreaming about going back 50 pounds lighter.  Unfortunately, I'll be going back right about the same weight.  That had me really depressed for a while. 

But, today I realized that even though my weight hasn't changed much in the last year, I have.  I have changed a lot.  I'm so much stronger than I was.  I am healthier.  I have endurance.  I understand the importance of taking care of my own health. I've learned some hard lessons in the last year, but I've come out the other side knowing more, feeling stronger.  And, I've learned that the friends I've made are really and truly special.  I've learned to lean on them when I need help, or inspiration. 

Back to the goals.  Right now I just want to focus on being as healthy and happy as I possibly can be.  I'm breaking up with the scale and will focus on different measures of success.  I want to improve my walking speed.  I want to increase my endurance even further.  And, I want to be even stronger. So, that is what I am going to focus on.  And, I want to thank all my friends for sticking with me and letting me know that I am loved.  That is truly what makes me smile at the end of the day, and, at the end of this year (since last year's trip to BLRN).  So, thank you, and let's see what we can do this year that we couldn't do last year!

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