Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Long, hard day

Today my new year's resolution was tested.  It was a long office day, ending in a meeting in Columbia that didn't end until after 4.  I knew I wouldn't be home until after 5.  But, around lunch time, I got a text from my trainer asking me to do 70 minutes of the elliptical (2 35 minute sessions), planks,  push ups, and ball squats.  Basically, the same workout I did on Sunday. 

The problem was, I knew I'd be tired when I got home, and I knew that I wanted to go to yoga tonight.  I told her the day was a little screwy, but that I'd do my best.  When I got home, I changed and did the first session on the elliptical right away.  Then I did the other exercises.  That took me right up to the time I needed to leave for yoga.

I decided that I really wanted to go to my yoga class.  It's something I look forward to, and didn't want to give it up, just because someone told me to do something different.  The old, too pushy me would have come home from yoga and forced the other 35 minutes on the elliptical.  Tonight, I told myself that I had a fantastic exercise day, and I should enjoy it.  If I tried to force the elliptical I would be way too tired.  Plus, it was after 8 at that point and it would interfere with sleep.  So, I listened to my body, appreciated what I was able to do, and let myself off the hook for the rest.  My trainer might not be happy with me, but I am quite proud of myself.

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