Sunday, January 5, 2014

Busy, cold day

Today didn't turn out at all like I was expecting.  We were supposed to take Michael for a CST appointment, but with the freezing rain and the number of small, back roads, we decided to reschedule for next weekend.  So, it ended up being mostly a stay at home day.  But, Michael was in quite the mood all day, so stress levels were really high.

Of course, whenever I'm in need of working off some stress, I can always count on a text message from my trainer giving me exactly what I need.  Todays assignment involved two thirty-five minute sessions of intervals on the elliptical.  Add two sets of 16 each:  ball squats and pushups, and two planks.  And, just for fun, I added in the dips.  It just doesn't seem right to not do dips. 

After the first session on the elliptical, I was pretty energized.  It felt good to have some energy, although a little frustrating to be trapped inside with a grumpy kid.  After the second session, I was pretty tired.  In fact, I'm still tired.  Something tells me it will be an early bedtime tonight.  I am looking forward to school and work tomorrow and hopefully getting back to a schedule!

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