Friday, January 3, 2014

Freezing Friday

Today was a snow day, so Michael was home from school all day, and leaving the house wasn't really an option for me.  But, with Steve and Dan both here, the day went pretty well.  I had gotten instructions from my trainer to do two sessions on the elliptical totaling to 45 minutes, two sets of pushups, and two planks.

Last night, when she sent the instructions, it seemed like a lot.  Today, it was actually fairly manageable.  I did one set of pushups and planks first thing this morning, then did the first 25 minutes on the elliptical at lunch time.  I blasted 421 calories in 25 minutes.  That felt great!

Then, when the work day was over, I did the second set of pushups, the second plank, and another 20 minutes on the elliptical.  Another 351 calories gone.  But, the most important thing is that I really think the shorter, more intense sessions are better for me.  They seem to energize me more than exhaust me.  So much so that I actually did two sets of dips just because I could.  And I hate dips.

So, I definitely learned something about myself today, and what my body likes for exercise.  I'm not sure how I'm going to make use of this information yet, but I will let it percolate for a bit until I do.

The only down side to the day was missing my Friday night yoga class.  I'm not sure if the class was even held tonight.  The morning classes were cancelled.  But, I just didn't want to take a chance on icy roads since the temperature has dropped so much.  And, I definitely got in plenty of exercise for the day.  Overall, I think it was a good decision, and a great day!

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