Monday, March 10, 2014

Great Wonderful Day

I didn't realize how much I missed my Monday classes.  When I got to the gym tonight, it was great to see my "Muscle Challenge Friends".  They all wanted to know about my week at BLRC, and a few said they could see a difference in me.  Yay!

I was gentle with my shoulder, and didn't use as heavy weights as I normally do.  But, I still got a great workout.  And, I have a better idea of which exercises really use the shoulder, and which don't.  Until I hurt my shoulder, I just never really paid attention.  So, I guess a little knowledge is a good thing, right?

Yoga was really good, too.  We started off with some gentle stretching before we got into the hard work. It was a nice way to transition from one class to the next.  Of course, when we got into the serious poses, it wasn't quite as relaxing.  But, I still missed it.  I do love my Monday classes!

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