Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another good day

Today was another great day.  I found a walking route near my house that is 3.23 miles, and easy to walk.  It has some hills, but none so steep that they are impossible.  I figure they make for great intervals.  And, I walked it in just over an hour.  Now, whenever I get the urge to do another 5k, I can just walk out my front door.  Very nice!

But, the best part of the day was when I took my blood pressure, and it was good.  I've been off blood pressure medication for a while now, but my doctor wanted me to monitor it fairly closely.  It's been high, but not high enough that I needed to go back on the medication.  Today, it was actually good.  I felt absolutely wonderful when I saw that.  Good things are happening!

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