Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wii Fit U Day!

I am really excited.  Steve downloaded the new Wii Fit U for me last night, and I got to play with it today. After waiting for so long for it to come out, I was worried I would be disappointed.  But, so far, I'm actually pretty happy.

I have only played with it for a couple hours, with a total of just over an hour of exercise time.  But, I was able to set up a yoga routine that I can do whenever I want.  It's right at half an hour and pretty intense.  Then, I can set up two other routines to include aerobics, balance, and strength. 

I have tried several of the aerobic activities, and they are pretty good.  All of the 'old' games from the last version are still there, and have been added to.  I loved the free run, which let me just jog around the island for ten minutes.  It also has a feature that lets you watch something else on the TV and get prompts from the wiimote.  It was a nice option.  There is also a basic step class that was both quick and easy.  It was fun, too.   I'm really looking forward to exploring the rest of the aerobic choices.

I haven't done any of the strength or balance activities yet.  I probably won't do much with the strength ones, just because I'm happy with my program there.  But, I'm always looking to improve my balance, so I am looking forward to seeing what's there.  So, I got my hour of activity, had fun, and am just getting started.  Something tells me this game is going to be a keeper!

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