Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wii Fit U Day 2

OK, I think I must like this game.  I spent just over two hours today doing light cardio!  And, by light, I mean I worked up a good sweat, but wasn't panting.  Since I'm still getting over my adrenal issues, that sounds about perfect.

In fact, I did two sessions.  The first session was about 70 minutes.  Then, I watched football for a couple hours. After the game was over, I felt so good, I wanted to play some more.  That seldom happens!  Also, I wanted to see if it continued to track my time and calories even if I shut down the game for a while.  It did!

So, what did I do for my two hours?  I tried several new games.  The ones I didn't really care for:  the boxing one (too uncoordinated), hula hooping (too boring/uncoordinated), and the water hose (not enough activity).  But, at least I tried them and figured I could come back to them another time.  I also tried orienteering (loved it) and rowing (I stank). 

The orienteering game is basically a hide and seek game all over the island.  Depending on the level of the game, you have a set number of characters and time to find them.  I think the first level was four characters in five minutes, and then 8 in ten minutes for the next level.  It's hard!  When you go up hill, you have to walk more to make progress.  Going downhill is pretty easy.  And, depending on where the characters are, you can end up going back and forth all over the place.  It really makes it easy to burn calories!

The rowing game requires coordination and timing. I will give it a chance again at some point.  But, for right now, I'm having so much fun with the other games, it will probably wait.

Oh yeah, I unlocked more biking and running options.  The biking is similar to the orienterring in that you have to bike to certain points on the island, but they are marked on your map.  So, it's just a matter of getting to them all in the fastest time.  Again, you have to work harder to go uphill, and can coast downhill.  The game definitely demands enough of your attention that you are suprised at how much time you are putting in, and how many calories you are burning.

The running isn't very exciting.  You are basically just following a guide around the island and trying to keep a steady pace.  But, there is an option for free running where you put the wiimote in your pocket and can do something else with the TV.  That definitely can make it more interesting!

So, that's my review of the game and my exercise for the day.  This will definitely be a winner in my exercise routine!

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