Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday and Progress

I had my last water PT session today.  It was a really good session, but I am so glad that my pain has decreased enough that I can manage on my own.  And, the PT gave me written exercises so I can definitely continue on my own.  That is a good plan!

Then, tonight was Friday night yoga.  I love that class, but I also love the women in it.  Tonight, after class, I was talking about the problem with my ankle.  I probably haven't written about this, but it seems that my ankle doesn't flex properly, which throws off my gait, and then leaves my knee vulnerable to injury.  While I was talking with the women after class, I got several really good suggestions for things I might be able to do to increase the range of motion in my ankle.  I am excited to try them.

So, I got in two hours of exercise today, and got some great advice.  Overall, a wonderful day!

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