Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 9 - Sunday, My Favorite Day

Sunday, wonderful  Sunday!  It was so nice to sleep in this morning, then scoot out to water aerobics.  It was a great class today, lots of energy, and a terrific workout.  Then, I got home and spent some time with Steve and Michael, just relaxing.  We grilled burgers on the deck, and Michael got to practice setting and clearing the table.  Then, I did a 4 mile video and collapsed in a little heap.  Add in 90 minutes of HBOT, way too much Mario kart and it was a full, but relaxing day.
This afternoon, I was thinking about all the reasons I want to do this.  I know that one big reason is that I need to get healthy so Michael will have a mother and Steve will have a wife.  My current weight is just not healthy, and it doesn’t bode well for a long life. And yes, having better eating and exercising habits will set a much better example for my son.  But, I realized this afternoon that I really am doing this for myself.

I want to be thin and healthy.  I have never been in my entire adult life.  I’m 42, that’s a long time to be feeling sluggish, bloated, and generally unhappy with my body.  I hear about people who are full of energy, who are the embodiment of health.  I want that for me.  So, even though it is a hard road ahead, I am finally recognizing that it is a selfish goal, and I am happy with that.  Every time I have tried to lose weight because someone else wanted me to, I failed.  This time, I am truly doing it for myself, and I expect to succeed.


  1. This week has been so amazing for you in many different ways, some of which you didn't expect!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! That weight loss is only a direct result of your hard work, determination and will power!! You're learning to read your body, see what it can do for you, and push it to do more! You're re-coding yourself and that is so important and very hard to do.

    Don't let set future set backs or days when your body fights back, let you down or make you stop! You're in control here. Love you!

  2. Thank you so much! It really has been a great first week. This week ahead is going to be extra challenging since I won't have my usual support system, and probably won't be able to get to the gym. But, I'll figure something out. I'm starting to enjoy the exercise, so I will make it work!