Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 11 - Rest Day?

I had the best intentions last night.  I was going to go to bed, have a great night’s sleep, and enjoy my rest day today.  My muscles were going to heal, and I would be back to full strength tomorrow.  Sounds good, huh?  Didn’t quite happen.
Even though I got to bed early last night, Michael was restless and so the two of us were up pretty much from 3 am on.  So much for the two of us getting a full night’s sleep.  He went to school and I went to work, both of us cranky.  Plus, I was sore from the circuit training yesterday.  So, I am getting ready to end this day just as tired and sore as I was last night.  Not quite what I had planned on.

But, tomorrow is a new day, and tonight is a new night.  I am going to try the going to bed early thing again, and hope that Michael actually sleeps tonight.  Who knows, maybe I’ll feel rested and ready to get back to my two hours of exercise first thing in the morning.  If not, there is always next Tuesday, right?
But, I am learning that I am stronger than I know.  I will get twelve hours of exercise in over the next six days, and I am going to meet my goals.  It might not be easy, but I am worth the effort, and I will do this!

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