Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 7 - One Week In!

I made it through the first week!  In a lot of ways it was harder than I expected.  I mean, I knew it was going to be hard to find time to exercise, and I knew I am really out of shape, but I didn’t expect the level of pain during the workouts.  And I really didn’t expect the level of fatigue and soreness after.  But, I have also been pleasantly surprised by all the support I’ve been getting.  All the people who have liked my facebook site, and sent positive comments, thank you.  When I want to forget I ever started this, I realize I have to keep going, just so I don’t disappoint you. 
As a reward for making it through my first week, I got a haircut today.  My hair had been down below my shoulders, but it was just feeling hot and unmanageable.  I’ve never been one to like sweating, and sticky, sweaty hair was just not fun.  So, it’s now short.  Really short.  I think it looks cute.  Hopefully, when I post my progress picture, you’ll agree.

Today was a pretty good exercise day.  I did the five mile walking video and an hour yoga class.  That actually put me at 2 ¼ hours for the day.  Not bad!  And before you even think that yoga isn’t a workout, you have to try it.  I was sweating profusely before the warmup was even finished.  There are still some poses that are going to take me time to learn, but I’m really proud of myself for trying something new.  Especially when I know that there are a LOT of yoga positions that are just not friendly for my body type.  I guess I will really know I’ve made a difference in my body when I can do all the positions in the class.
I think I am going to give my joints a bit of a break and try to do two water workouts tomorrow.  One will be the water aerobics class, and I’m thinking I might just swim laps after class.  That will still leave me about 45 minutes to do at home, but I’ll figure that out.
One last thought for the night:  the morning is a whole lot easier if you pack the gym bag before you go to bed.  I have my bag packed with everything I will need to take with me, and all my clothes laid out waiting.  That way, I won’t wake anyone up when I sneak out in the morning, and I can have five minutes extra sleep.  I like it!

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