Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 17 - Moving Right Along

Mondays always remind me about the challenges of balancing getting my son off to school, working a full time job, and getting my exercise in.  Working from home does make it easier.  I’m learning that at lunch time, it’s OK to put a dvd in and let voicemail pick up if anyone calls.  I am entitled to a lunch break!  And, I’m also noticing that a good lunchtime workout does reduce my stress levels.  I find I’m much more patient when I’m exhausted.  And, my brain seems sharper as well.  I like that.

So, I did a 4 mile DVD during lunch, and then went to the gym this evening.  I did the circuit one time and did an hour of water aerobics.  My legs and arms are definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow!  I have a strong feeling that I am really going to appreciate having tomorrow as a rest day. 
Before class, we were chatting about dieting and different strategies to avoid snacking at night.  I shared my favorite technique.  I use the time when I am most tempted to snack to clean vegetables.  Usually, I cut up a head of cauliflower, or broccoli.  Sometimes I clean green beans or slice some cucumbers.  It doesn’t matter if you snack while you clean, vegetables are free.  Or, you can do any prep for the next day’s meals.  It will keep your hands busy and get you started on the next day’s healthy meals. 

I am happy that I find myself falling into some familiar routines.  I’ve found some DVDs I like better than others, some exercise equipment I really like, and some classes I enjoy as well.  As I get more comfortable with them, I’ll tell you a little more about each of them. But for now, I want to keep exploring my options and finding even more things to like.  Variety is the spice of exercise?


  1. routine is good, new is good too :) I'm supposed to do a new class tonight (haven't done any classes at this gym) and I'm scared! another daycare mom and I are going to do it, together. EEK!

  2. That sounds great! What class are you taking? I'm planning on trying as many classes as I can, and hoping to find some more that I like. I love having my 'staple' exercises, but it's so much fun to add variety!

    Never be scared to try something new. It could be an absolute disaster, or it could be great fun. You'll never know until you try. And I'm hoping for great fun!