Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 13 - Living My Priorities

Today was the first real test of my resolve.  A friend is leaving the area and there was a good-bye dinner tonight.  There was no way I could go into the office, get Michael an hour in the chamber, get in two hours of exercise, and go to the dinner.  So, after thinking about my priorities, I decided to take the day off.  It was great!
Since I got to sleep in a little bit, I was well rested.  Then, after Michael went to school, I was able to go to the gym and have 3 hours of exercise time.  I was able to go on the exercise bike to warm up, do a set in the circuit training area, go to a water aerobics class, and then go to a mat pilates class.  I was dead tired when I got home, but wow, it was actually fun.  (Except for feeling like I was about to die during pilates, that was not a high point.)
I didn’t set out to do three hours at the gym.  I just had things I wanted to try and the opportunity to try them.  Since I normally work during the day, I just hadn’t been able to try the circuit, or the pilates class.  I loved that I actually wanted to try something new.  And, even though I was terrible at it, I had fun.  And, after class was over, a couple of the women had suggestions for still more classes to try.  It scares me that I am actually starting to like the time at the gym.

All that said, I am incredibly sore, and don’t even want to think of the pain I will wake up to in the morning.  But, I am also proud of myself.  I like the choices I am making.  Even at dinner, I found an option that fit perfectly into my plan and stuck with it.  It makes me smile that I didn’t even think about cheating.  This is definitely a new me.
So, although I am incredibly sad to see my friend leave, I am really happy with the priorities she helped me find.  Thank you!

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