Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to check in before the holidays.  For the next week or so my life is going to be really crazy.  We'll be traveling, visiting with family, and I just won't be in control of my schedule.  I figure now is a great time to take a short break, give myself a chance to rest, and then get right back to my schedule the minute I get home.

Of course, while I am away, I will try to sneak in as much activity as I can.  I just won't be posting about it.  For today, I just went to yoga tonight.  I had a really stressful day, and class tonight was just what I needed.  A lot of stretching, some really active poses, and a great savasanah at the end.  Talk about a perfect way to end the day.  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!!

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