Friday, September 6, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

I know I just got back from spending Labor Day with my parents, and now I'm off again.  Steve had a business conference in Las Vegas, and I decided to tag along.  Now, that's not nearly as easy as it sounds, but we managed to make it happen.  My wonderful brother in law is watching Michael while we're gone, and taking care of everything for us.  Hopefully, the house will still be standing when we get back!

I didn't do any official exercise today, but I've been running all day.  If I had a pedometer, I'm sure I would have racked up several miles between the airports, the hotel, the getting settled, and everything else.  We decided to call it a night pretty early, and I'm pooped.

Tomorrow should be a great day, though.  The resort has a full gym, and yoga classes.  I'm planning on taking advantage of them tomorrow.  And, maybe swimming, too.  So, the trip should work out to get me plenty of exercise, but hopefully some rest, as well.  I need it!

Food:  Not so great
Exercise:  Lots of walking, nothing measured
Gratitude:  Being able to get away for a break!

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