Friday, September 20, 2013

Finally Friday!

This has been a long, long week for me.  I'm guessing the early part of the week I was still dealing with jetlag, and that just made everything worse.  But, tomorrow I can sleep in, and hopefully catch up a little bit.

My Friday night yoga class is changing a little bit in that she's having more emphasis on the core.  The moves are the same, but the focus is different.  It's a good thing, but when I leave, my abs are always sore!  I guess that means I'm working hard.  It's really funny how focusing on correct form and using your core to hold the position really works them.

I had thought about doing some time on the elliptical at lunch today, but then things got really busy.  Being nibbled alive by ducks, as a friend of mine says.  So, I will save the elliptical until tomorrow.  But, at least I got in a great yoga class, and I'm definitely feeling it!

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