Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm back from Vacation!

I'm sorry I haven't posted here this last week.  The internet connection at the hotel was really weak, and then when I got home, our internet was out completely.  But, I'm home, and the internet is working again.  So, back to normal.  Or, whatever passes for normal around here.

Last night I went to my Friday night yoga class that I love so much.  It was great.  And, today, Michael and I started back to his ASD yoga class.  He was so excited he was bouncing off the walls.  That just makes me smile, inside and out.  So, I'm definitely back into my routine.  Now, I just need to figure out what I'm going to do about my diet.

I've been so frustrated that going completely ketogenic didn't do anything for me.  So, when I was on vacation, I ate 'normally'.  Mostly low carb, but with a few (too many) treats thrown in.  Now that I'm home, I'm re-evaluating what I want to do with my diet.  At this point, I have no clue.  I think tomorrow I'll be doing some research and maybe some shopping.

So, the ride might get interesting, but I'm still committed to the journey.

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