Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Ouch

I went back to my two classes tonight.  Ouch!  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't lose any strength in my time away.  I was able to use the same weights that I normally do, and had a really good muscle challenge class.  Of course, by the end, I was exhasuted and wondering how I'd manage to get through yoga.

Fortunately, I did make it through yoga.  My arms were so tired from the first class that I couldn't hold a down dog very long.  But, I did try almost all of the poses.  One day I'll be able to do a half moon pose, but definitely not tonight.  But, I think my triangle was better than it has been.  Maybe yesterday's alignment class helped.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful.  It was my first day back at work so I had a ton of email to get through.  And, one of my projects is starting to get more active.  So, that's a good thing.  Tomorrow is an office day, so hopefully it will be a good one.

Gratitude for the day is that I didn't have to change my weights in the first class.  I didn't realize I was worried about it until I was getting ready for class.  So, I'm relieved and thankful!

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