Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 349 - Trying something new

I'm becoming the queen of groupons.  We found a groupon for another local gym that had a one month membership for a really good price.  So, this afternoon I went by and signed up for my month.  I used one of their ellipticals for a little more than 30 minutes.  And, tomorrow I'm planning on going to one of their strength classes.  I really hope that this could be a way to fill in the hole left by my one class getting cancelled.  So, tomorrow is a big day.

The other exercise today was my regular Friday night yoga class.  In the summer, it's a little more active than other times during the year.  So, it's warmer and I'm sweatier, but, it's still a great class.  I love feeling that I'm pushing myself.  So, that makes me happy.

The rest of the day was just relaxing and hanging out with Michael and Steve.  For the summer, we've cut back to 60 minute sessions in the hyperbaric chamber.  Ninety minute sessions just get way too hot.  So, the time passes a lot quicker than I'm used to.  So, overall, it was a great day.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow!

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