Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 344 - More Yoga

I had bought a pack of yoga classes from one of the daily deal places, but needed to finish them up this weekend, before they expired.  So, I had to drag my sorry butt out of bed early this morning, just to go to yoga.  It was a great class, but pretty challenging.  The good news is that she showed us great ways to build up to a shoulder stand, using a wall for leverage.  The bad news is I still manged to wrench my neck a little.  It's not hurt, just a bit sore.

The last class that I took was this afternoon.  It was a yoga nidra class.  Basically, it was all guided meditation and relaxation.  It doesn't count toward exercise, but it was really, really relaxing.  If I can ever get another good deal on classes, I'll defiitely go back.  I didn't have a single class I didn't like, and the instructors were all terrific.

It's hard to believe the weekend is over so quickly, but it is.  It's going to be a busy week, especially since Michael is off from school all week.  But, it should be a good week.

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