Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 340 - Ouch!

I had another personal training session today.  I thought I would be clever and do fifteen minutes on the elliptical before she got there, so I'd be warmed up.  I knew I was in trouble when she said 'Great, let's do 15 more!'.  So, the session started off with 35 minutes total on the elliptical.  By the time she left, I was a sweaty, quivering mass of depleted muscles.  Wow!

The great thing is, I am a lot stronger than I realized.  I can move heavier weights than I thought, and I think I did a pretty good job.  Of course, I was huffing and puffing, and my face was bright red.  But, I did it.  I was so proud of myself!  I hate spending the extra money, but it is worth every single cent.  I just wish I could afford to do it more often!

The really good timing is that we have started back up with the hyperbaric chamber again.  It was definitely hot tonight, but I am really hoping it will help with the muscle soreness and recovery time. (Did I mention the plank, side planks, and push ups???)  And, I just love the bonding time with Michael.  We don't get a lot of time to just hang out - even if he is glued to his tablet the entire session.

So, I am dead tired and expect to sleep like a rock tonight.  In fact, I think the pillow is calling my name.  Good night!

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