Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 296 - Manic Monday

Today was a really busy day.  Work was a full day, then the gym, and then my Parent Support Group meeting.  All things that I like, but today I seem to be more worn out than I shoud be.

The gym was great, though.  In my muscle challenge class I actually used 20 pounds weight for several exercises.  My shoulders and biceps may not forgive me for a week!  And, I did real triceps dips.. boy am I going to pay.  But, it was a great class.

I went straight from the gym to my meeting.  I did take the time to cool down and get presentable, but didn't have that much time between the two.  I love going and talking with other parents with kids on the spectrum.  It's always empowering to share information, and share hope. 

After I came home, I had a few things to do, but now I am going to sneak off to bed early.  I am completely worn out.  And, I only had one hour of exercise because of my meeting.  Normally, on Mondays, I do twice as much.  Maybe I'm tired because my body didn't get what it was expecting?  I'm not sure, but no matter the reason, I am finding my bed.  Good night!

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