Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 294 - I love the Weekend!

I really enjoyed going to the intervals class last weekend, and decided I wanted to go back today.  So, this morning I got up and went to the gym for a 9:00 stretch class followed by a 9:30 intervals class.  The stretch class used the stability ball, and that was wonderful.  I really enjoyed the class and felt great going into the intervals class.

The intervals class was pretty intense, but a lot of fun.  She did a bunch of step moves, and interspersed tabata intervals and some strength work using resistance tubes.  I loved the tabata intervals.  They were beyond intense, but really fun at the same time.  And, I know my triceps are going to be feeling the muscle work tomorrow.  All in all, a great morning at the gym.

Then, when I got home, it was time to take Michael to his yoga class.  The room was a little warm today, but it wasn't as crowded as last week.  I'm guessing since it was such a beautiful day, not as many people wanted to exercise inside.  But, it was still a great session.  Michael and I both got a really good workout.  And, I love doing partner poses with him.  I'm not sure why, but I feel really close to Michael when we do yoga together.

So, for the day, I had two and a half hours of exercise.  I came home really, really tired.  But, I also feel like I accomplished something great.  I know I used to exercise two hours a day all the time, but today, it felt great.  I love that I am finding a balance between too much and too little.  And, I really love that exercise is just starting to feel like part of the day, not something I have to do.

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